Biofabricating is the process of making biological materials that can then be used in a variety of medical products, from food to cosmetics to biofuels.

For years, the field has been shrouded in mystery, and until now there has been little evidence that it has a clear future.

But Biofabrics India (BII), an Indian startup company, has emerged as a significant player.

It’s made a splash in the bio-industry by raising $10 million in funding in 2015.

The company’s focus is on manufacturing bio-waste from the biopolymer cellulose, which has been extracted from the skin of cows.

BII has been experimenting with bio-carpets, which are designed to help prevent and treat skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Bioprocessing is a process that uses bacteria, enzymes and chemicals to make new products from the raw material of the biofilm.

BIIs first product was produced from cellulose in India.

This made the company more accessible for the Indian public, but also for pharmaceutical companies looking to produce a new product.

BIAs chief executive and co-founder, Arjun Kapoor, told Quartz the company wants to make its products commercially available in India, to help people with chronic conditions, but with lower costs and lower environmental impact.

The products can be manufactured at home using bioprospecting and then sent to manufacturing centres in the US, the US and Europe.

BIII hopes to become a major player in this market by selling products directly to the Indian market.

Its bio-textile products include the Bioprop, a synthetic fiber made from cellulosic cellulose that has been used in the manufacture of some biofuelers, and the Bio Fabric Fabric, a soft-skin-enhancing fabric made from polyethylene-coated polypropylene that is being used to make bio-capsules and bio-absorbent products.

This soft-shell fabric, which is available in different colors, is a key innovation for BII, Kapoor said.

“It’s a very affordable product that has a lot of potential in this context,” he said.

BIIS bio-capules are made from a polymer of cellulose and other bio-compounds.

These are then cut into a sheet that is then cut to size.

The resulting material can then undergo a number of different processes before being sold in the Indian marketplace.

BIISA has been in the business for a while, and it is still working on its final products, but Kapoor told Quartz that it was the first company to have an initial commercial product that could be made using its processes.

The Bioprobe was initially developed for treating eczemas, but it is now being used in other products, including the Bio-fabrics Bio-capacitive.

BIIBE bio-materials can also be used to treat skin and digestive diseases.

The Bio Fabric is a non-toxic, biodegradable, soft-shelled fabric that is suitable for use in the skin care industry.

BioFabric also offers a range of products, such the Bio Capacitive, a lightweight and water-resistant cap, which can be used for making bio-toxins and biofilms.

Bio-fibre and biofluids are also biodegraded and reused.

The bio-fiber can be applied to hair and skin, and biofiber is used in pharmaceuticals.

The biodegradeable Bio Fabric has been a popular item in the India market.

“The product is very cheap, very accessible, and very good quality.

And now we can sell it to the US market,” Kapoor added.

BIIA has made it easier for Indian consumers to get into the biofabric industry.

Its products are sold directly to Indian consumers.

The main challenge facing BIIA, and other Indian companies, is to become more competitive.

“We have a big opportunity here in the space.

But we need to be more strategic and work with Indian companies to be a truly global player,” Kapo said.

But while Indian bio-tech companies are beginning to see the benefits of the new market opportunity, Kapo says there are still hurdles to overcome.

“There are a few challenges, mainly in terms of financing,” he told Quartz.

“In India, bio-biofuels are currently not a viable option.

We have been working with a few Indian companies in the biotechnology space, but these companies are not big enough to take over the biofueling space.

We need to look at the manufacturing infrastructure to be able to scale this up,” Kapur said.

Bio Fabric, however, is hoping to address some of these challenges.

“Bioprope manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and India is the second largest bio-

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