Google has just released a new biofabric, a product it’s calling BioFabrics, and it’s offering a whole range of options.

BioFabres is an all-organic fabric made from a plant-derived bioengineer’s plant DNA.

It’s being made in partnership with a group of researchers and the BioFabrica Foundation.

The company says BioFabries uses plant-based fabrics to reduce energy costs and help with fabric design.

It also aims to create fabrics that can be recycled in a sustainable manner.

“BioFabric is a fabric that combines a blend of plant and animal fibers to create a fabric with a unique and sustainable texture,” the company’s bioengineers explain.

“BioFabrics fabric is a blend that offers a range of environmental benefits, such as water and nutrient absorption, and an energy efficiency rating of 0.8 W/kg, which is the lowest energy rating for a woven fabric.”

“Biofabric can be used for everything from clothing to toys and bedding, which are made from recycled fabric and organic materials.”

BioFabrica is one of a growing number of companies looking to replace traditional paper and cardboard with plant-grown fabrics.

But the Biofabrics project is aiming to do so in a much more sustainable way.

“The BioFabrice fabric is based on a plant grown microorganism that was originally used to create bioengineering materials,” the BioFarms website says.

“It was grown in the lab by the BioFuels group of bioengineering researchers.”

According to BioFabrias bioengineerers, it can be produced in a matter of weeks using conventional processes.

And as with all new technologies, it’s a matter if consumers are willing to pay for it.

The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign for BioFabriers in the UK to help fund the manufacturing process.

“We have an amazing team working with a great team of scientists and engineers at BioFabric.

The goal is to produce biofabrics for a wide range of consumer uses, from toys and baby beds to clothing, home insulation and medical devices,” the bioenginemers said.

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