India’s PM Narendra Modi is now on a five-nation tour and has repeatedly vowed to be the leader of the free world.

But as we head into the next year, we ask: how does the new president fare in terms of keeping his promises?

India’s pollster Anand Jain, who is also a columnist at The Times of India, said the president had a very difficult time staying on message during his first year in office.

“He seems to be losing his focus on things.

He has lost the ability to keep a straight face when he talks.

And the reason is that the American people are also being turned off,” he said.

Mr Modi is on a global tour of Asia, where he has met with leaders from China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

But while he was travelling on a one-day visit to Singapore last week, Mr Trump was criticised by the Asian nations who saw his visit as a signal of disrespect.

Mr Jain said: “In Singapore, the mood is very negative.

We are also hearing that the president’s presence is not appreciated by the Chinese or Japanese.

So the mood in Singapore has been quite hostile to the relationship with India.

The poll was conducted between July 19 and 22 and had a margin of error of +/- 3%.

The Times of Asia

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