With a new bio-fabric bag that can hold up to 2,000 pounds of material, Bio Fabric has made an important step forward in the world of bio-bag manufacturing.

As we previously reported, BioFabrics have designed a bio-fiber bag that uses a special micro-organism to create micro-plastic beads and then extrudes them out of the bag with a specially designed machine.

The company says that the bio-filter-free bags are made from “nanomaterials” that are made by taking up a certain amount of space in the bag and then absorbing the water and nutrients from the environment.

In addition to the micro-beads, the BioFabric bags also use micro-fabricks, which are basically plastic that can be cut and molded into a shape.

The BioFabries bag is currently available in two sizes: small and large, and BioFabry is aiming to launch the larger one in 2017.

However, BioFABRITS bio-durable fabric is only available in one color, which BioFability says can be changed on the spot.

As the company explains in a press release, the material has a unique structure that makes it much more absorbent than most fabrics, which means the material absorbs the nutrients that would otherwise cause the material to be damaged by UV light, for example.

The micro-dots are also “very light and flexible,” which makes them great for packaging and bags.

“BioFabrics is creating a new way to make bio-absorbent materials that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and reusable,” BioFabric CEO David Smith told us.

“We’re working hard to create a biofiber fabric that’s not only more durable than previous materials but also less damaging to the environment,” he added.

While BioFabrique claims the BioFACTS micro-filter bags are the “first biodegradable micro-bag,” the company has yet to launch a product that is “biodegradably” made.

According to the company, the process to make the bags “does not involve any chemical, solvents, or harmful chemicals.”

While BioFabs bio-labs are not the only ones using the new technology, Biofabrics technology is one that has been around for quite some time.

The company claims that it was first developed by a group of MIT graduate students and researchers in 2009.

The MIT team wanted to create something that would absorb the nutrients of the environment and keep it from getting into the bags, but it was difficult to make.

Eventually, the team was able to use “microorganisms” to do some of the work.

The bio-sorting process is essentially the same as the process used to separate natural fibers from plant fibers.

But instead of using a process that would degrade the micro fibers, the scientists took them apart, and then used a process to sort them out.

BioFabric has also recently launched a crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise $25,000 to get the first BioFabilities bio-filters into the hands of consumers.

However in the meantime, you can buy a BioFabulys BioFARTS bio-free micro-filter for under $50 at BioFabics.com.

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