The UK is a hub for bio-manufacturing, with the UK’s largest bio-Fabric suppliers supplying more than 75% of the UK market for the bio-materials used in biotechnology.

The UK’s second largest biofabric exporter is the Biogen Idec, which imports more than 80% of its bio-technology products from Ireland.

Ireland, meanwhile, is a major exporter of bio-fibers to the UK, with BioFabrics, the UK BioFabric Exporter, and BioFabrica importing over 60% of their BioFabry products from the country. 

BioFabrics is the largest bioengineering and biotechnology company in Ireland, but it has struggled to compete with the increasing demand for biofibre from other sectors.

BioFabries main product is biofiber-based skin and hair treatments.

In 2015, BioFabricks annual turnover was around €1 billion, and it expects that figure to increase to around €4 billion by 2021.

Biogenesis is a large European company that imports a range of biofabrics from around the world.

Biofabricry is one of the most popular areas of bioengineering, as it is used in many biomedical and biotechnological products, including genetic testing, vaccines, and drug treatments. 

In recent years, there has been a large rise in demand for biotechnology-derived biofabs from around Europe.

The European BioFabrier Group, an international consortium of biofabricators, is in the process of building a new biofabrix in Bordeaux, which will house their products and supply facilities.

The company says that its new BioFabrix will be a new standard for the global biofabrikings supply chain. 

The European Biofabrier Group is one-third of the total European biofabrica group.

The BioFabrys main focus is bioengineering-derived products.

BioFABRIKERS is an international organisation that has over 5,000 member companies in 100 countries.

Biofuels are one of their main products, with biofabries making up around 5% of biofuels exports to Europe. 

For more information on the Irish BioFabriks market, see: Biofabric Industries in Ireland: A Report by Biofabriks UK (2017) BioFABRICERS: A Global Biotechnology Supply Chain Report 2016 BioFacilities (2017), Biologics (2017).

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