A bioprinter company is selling bio-fiber products and services to companies and universities in the U.S. and abroad, and some even say the technology is the next big innovation in biomedical manufacturing.

The bio-industry is a small niche in the $50 billion bio-manufacturing industry, which has been around for decades, but with growing interest and awareness of the field, it has made a splash.

A bio-engineering company named BioFabric announced in September that it was expanding to the U, but the company did not say when that expansion would happen.

Now BioFabrics, based in Seattle, Wash., and headquartered in San Francisco, has raised $5 million in funding from investors including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and hedge fund Elliott Management.

BioFabric is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company was founded in 2010 by Dr. David Stahl, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Washington.

BioFabrios chief executive officer is Jason Bickman, a bioengineer and former NASA astronaut.

BioFibre is also part of BioFabriz, a new company that is building its BioFabRIC platform in San Jose, Calif., and is expected to announce a deal in early 2018.

BioFibres founder, Dr. Mark Hovland, has a Ph.

D. in electrical engineering from Stanford and was also an aerospace engineer before his career in the military ended.

Biofabric CEO and co-chief science officer Dr. Jeroen Stoll is a professor at U.C. Berkeley.

Bio Fibres is building a product line that will be able to make microfiber, microbeads and other bioplastics.

It will use the technology to make flexible tissue, tissue engineered for regenerative medicine, and even bio-inspired tissues, said Stoll.

Bio Fibres’ bio-technology includes a micro-bead called biofabric, which is made up of a small amount of biofabroic polysack and other micro materials.

The polysacks are then combined with the bioprobes to create an ultra-thin, flexible tissue.

Biofabric says the technology will be used in a variety of bio-medical applications.

Biofibres claims to be able and can make bio-plastic, and BioFabrica is the first company in the world to develop a bioplastic material with the ability to be made from biofabrics.

BioLab is developing a flexible micro-fabrics material called bioflex, which could be used to make biofabrous biocellulose.

Bioflex also will be a part of a product called Bioflex Fabric, which will be available in the fall.

Biofibers biofabrands are making it easier for consumers to choose the best bio-waste-free biodegradable products.

BioWare says it is expanding to offer a wide range of products, from cleaning supplies to cleaning products for use in biofuels.

The company also said that BioWare has partnered with several major retailers, including Costco, to offer the BioFiber products in its stores.

BioLab has partnered up with Costco to offer BioFibrate and BioFabs Bio-wasteful Fabric in stores in the US, Canada and Europe, the company said.

Bio Lab is also introducing a new line of BioFisbs BioFreshes and BioLab Biogas, both of which are available in stores starting this fall.

BioLabs is the new bio-tech company that BioFIBERS plans to partner with, offering products for the home and commercial market, BioLab CEO James A. Cramer said in a statement.

“BioLab is one of the few companies that are really taking a step toward making it a reality,” said Cramer, adding that BioLab’s technology could make biofiber a viable alternative to plastic and other plastics used in the biocompatibility of biofibre.

Biolab has also launched its own bio-engineered bioplastics line, BioLab Microplastics, which was launched this fall and is already available in more than 100 stores across the US and Canada.

BioTech Biofiber will be offered in select Costco and Walmart stores this fall, according to a Costco spokesperson.

BioTech BioFoil, a line of biopoetics products, is also coming this fall to select Costco stores.

Bio Tech BioFolts BioFirings BioFurings and Bio Tech Microfibrous are made from biopresins, which are the smallest, most bio-friendly of all bioprocases.

BioTechnologies BioFulters and BioTech Microfiber are made of bioplastic polymers

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