India is set to open a BioFabrick supplier for the US market.

The company, BioFabrix India, will be based in the US.

BioFabricks is a maker of biofuels.

India currently has about 50,000 biobased products under development.

The BioFabrization India group has a focus on biofuel, biofueling, and bioethanol. 

India is set to open BioFabricks in New Delhi, according to a statement released by the company.

The US company is looking to invest $10 million to create the first Indian manufacturing facility in the U.S. Biofabric will be located in the San Francisco Bay area.

The facility will be the first in the world to produce biofuelled ethanol. 

Bharat Chemicals, the US subsidiary of India’s Bharat Chemical Industries Ltd (BCIL), is already manufacturing ethanol in India.

BCL India, which is the subsidiary of BCL Technologies, has been making ethanol for the last 20 years.

Bcl Technologies is a global chemical company.

BioFibre India, a biofueled ethanol plant that has been operating in India for the past five years, is the largest producer of biofuel in the country.

India is the fourth largest biofuecosystem in the region and the largest exporter of ethanol in the World.

BioFuel India is expected to begin production of bio-fuels in 2017. 

According to an Indian government statement, India is a leader in the production and utilization of ethanol.

In the past, it has been a leader and innovator in biofuelling and it is looking for partners to enter the market. 

The Indian government expects to raise $15 million to invest in BioFiber India. 

“We are looking forward to opening the facility in New Delhi to increase its scale and capacity, and to help us in expanding the business globally,” BiFibres co-founder S.M. Khandwani told NDTV. 

BioFibrains first biofuered ethanol plant is being built in Delhi.

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