By Football Italian staff – If you’re looking to make your footballers a little bit more durable, the makers of the Bio Fabric brand say they can do just that.

The Bio Fabric football jersey is made from biodegradable materials that have been tested to withstand both extremes of heat and cold.

The jerseys are now available to buy on eBay, as well as the Adidas, Nike and AS Roma jerseys.

The Bio Fabric Football Shirt, with the logo, is made of 100% cotton.

The back of the jersey is lined with cotton, with an inner lining of polyester and the outer layer of a polyester fabric.

The collar is lined in cotton, and the waistband is lined cotton.

Inside, the jersey has a lining of cotton and the jersey itself is lined polyester.

In the back, the fabric has been modified to make it more durable.

The jersey has been designed with an interior zipper and mesh pocket.

A new design for the Bio Fiber Football Jerseys will be available in mid-November.

The jerseys will be released in a variety of colors and will retail for around €20 ($26).

They will be offered in three different styles: the Bio Fibre Football Shirt with a woven mesh back, Bio Fiber Soccer Jerseys with mesh back and Bio Fiber Athletic Jerseys. 

The Bio Fiber jersey will feature an internal zipper that allows for easy movement of the shirt. 

When the jersey becomes available to the public, it will be sold through a dedicated Facebook page.

Adidas, Adidas Originals and Nike have all announced that they will be offering the Bio Fabrics jerseys at a later date. 

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