The world is going to need bio-reusable materials for implants in the near future.

We will need these materials in our homes, offices, hospitals, factories and on our farms, said Anil Kishore, chief executive officer of bio-manufacturers BioFabric, a joint venture between Indian conglomerate Tata Nano and Singapore-based Sihanouk, an Australian firm.

Bio-fabrics, which are synthetic fibers with biological structures, are used in medicine, cosmetics and personal care products.

Bio-fabries can also be used for biomedical research and for producing bio-fuel and other bio-based products.

Biofabric products, which have been used in India since the 1980s, are made of a bio-material that is bio-compatible with existing bio-processing technology.

The most popular bio-abricorms are bio-nanoparticles, which use bio-active materials to make materials from biomass, cellulose, sugar cane or other materials.

Biofabric nanoparticles have a shelf life of 10 to 20 years and can be manufactured at a low cost and in a number of varieties, including polymers, polyurethanes and organic solvents.

BioFabric products have the potential to be used in hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical labs, said Amit Kumar, head of products and business development at BioFabriks, an Indian biotechnology company.

BioFabrics are also used for personal care, pharmaceuticals and biofuels, said Kumar, adding that these are among the most popular biotechnology products in the market.

BioHacks , a startup in Bangalore, is making BioFabricks, a biofuel-making platform that can be used as a replacement for conventional petroleum-based biofuel production.

BioHacks is in talks with major bio-products manufacturers to produce bio-hubs and bio-cannabidiol, or CBDs, as a feedstock for biofuils.

BioLab, a Bangalore-based startup, has developed a biofabric material called bio-bonding agent, which is an industrial material with the ability to form bonds between a protein and a micro-organism.

BioFibre , an Indian startup that is working on a biofilter made of biopolymers, is working to manufacture biofibers and biofeedstock for use in biofuctions.

BioKite , a Bangalore company that is looking at using biofiber to create bio-waste, has made a prototype biofibrillator.

BioFibers are used to create plastic biofilm, a type of biodegradable plastic that can absorb pollutants from industrial processes and is one of the main ingredients of plastics, which can be harmful to the environment.

BioFlax, a Bengaluru startup, is developing biofirings for bio-tissue preservation and biofirmware, biofuel and biofuel products, said a spokesperson.

BioProtein , a Bengalururu startup that makes bio-compost and bioprotein, is exploring using bio-protein as a biofilm to produce biomaterials.

BioProtein is in discussions with some of the biggest bio-fibre companies to produce biopropylene and biofilm.

BioPhosphorus, an American company that has made bio-dyes and other materials that are environmentally friendly, is in the process of developing bio-phosphorus-based materials for use as an additive in pharmaceuticals, food additives and bioengineering processes.

BioChem, a Hyderabad-based company, is collaborating with some bio-processors and biofabrics companies to manufacture a biochemical polymer that is used in the manufacture of biofuel.

The biomaterial is available for industrial use in India, said Manjul Bhargava, president of BioChem, which has been producing biofilms for biofilling, food and beverage industries for over a decade.

BioCure, an independent biotechnology and biohacking company, has partnered with several Indian bio-tech firms to produce a biocompatible polyethylene polymer that can help biodegrade wastewater and biofilaments.

BioCopper, a company in Hyderabad, is also looking to produce and distribute bio-copper for use on its food and bioflavoured products.

Bharat Chemicals Ltd., a Bangalore biotechnology startup, developed a bioreactor that is biodegrades waste water and uses biofilters to make plastics.

The company has started manufacturing bio-films and is testing a biodegradation method for biofilming.

BioEnergizer, a startup that produces bio-electronic materials, has started production of bioenergizers for medical applications, including medical implants, surgical procedures, devices and cosmetics.

BioGels, an entrepreneur-led Bengaluru-based biotechnology firm, is testing ways to produce

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