The Football Association is facing a crisis of confidence with the launch of its new regulations which will require all professional clubs to wear bio-fiber bags by 2021.

The new regulations, which came into effect on January 1, mean all professional footballers must wear a bio-foil, made of polyethylene.

Biomimetics, or bio fabrics, are a technology to create a synthetic version of the natural fibers.

They can be made from cotton, cotton blend, polyester or synthetic fibers and are used to make athletic equipment, clothing and even clothing and footwear.

The European Union is currently in the process of updating its bio-sustainable development guidelines which aim to promote sustainable manufacturing practices and to protect the environment.

The changes will force manufacturers to use bio-fabric bags, which are made of synthetic materials.

It is expected that the introduction of the new regulations will see more manufacturers adopt bio-fuels as a cost-effective alternative.

The regulations, set to come into effect in 2020, have sparked controversy with a number of players expressing their concern at the regulations and the potential impacts it could have on their playing careers.

Here are five players who are concerned about the regulations.

Nicolás Lázaro is the captain of Athletic Bilbao, who will wear a Bio Fiber Biomimetic bag in all competitions until 2020.

Lazaro told La Vanguardia newspaper: “I don’t want to wear a BiomIMetic bag, but it’s the right decision for the future.

The Spanish defender said: “It’s a good technology and I’m happy that it’s coming in.”

But, unfortunately, the BioFiber Bioms have changed quite a bit.

They have become a material which has the tendency to stretch, which means that it won’t last.”

The Biom is still my bag, I use it every day, but if I have to change it, I’ll have to buy a new bag.

“Lazares former team Barcelona CF wore a BioFibre BiomImetic bag as a kit in 2011.

The Biom’s design has changed significantly since then.

However, Lázanos manager at the Catalan club was more measured, telling La Vanguardi: “The Bioms look great now and we are happy that we can continue to wear it in training.”

It is a great innovation for the sport, and we will continue to look forward to future Biom use.”

If you want to be in the best shape of your life, you should buy a BiOM.

Bilbao CF’s Neymar wears a BiMimetic kit on the field, the player’s face is covered in the material. “

The fabric is soft, it doesn’t stretch and the material can be easily replaced,” the newspaper wrote.

“Bilbao CF’s Neymar wears a BiMimetic kit on the field, the player’s face is covered in the material.

It can also be used as a fabric in the club’s kit.”

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