A bio-fabric rolled out in the UK in June is being hailed as a “game changer” for researchers searching for new ways to scan the brains of patients suffering from neurological disorders.

The new scanner, the Brain Chamber PolySacks, was unveiled by the BioFabrics Group in a video message to customers.

The firm says it has been used by the US military and researchers in the US for the past decade.

It scans the brain at a resolution of about 0.1 millimeters (0.0002 inches) per second (µs).

It uses a process called bio-procedure to “immerse” the brain in a liquid solution for two weeks, during which the blood flows through a mesh bag.

It then extracts the material from the brain using a “brain scanner” that scans the scalp, using infrared light to read its properties.

The scanner uses the latest technology to “see” through the skull and brain, which makes it very sensitive to changes in pressure and humidity.

Bio-fabrics have long been used for MRI scanning of people with cerebral palsy and for brain scans of other conditions.

But it is not clear how long BioFabric can scan the brain of a person.

The Brain Chamber polysack, which costs between £1,800 and £2,300, is capable of scanning up to 2.5 metres (10 feet) and is designed to fit in the palm of a hand.

It was tested by the University of Edinburgh and was approved for use in the United Kingdom by the UK Patent Office in March.

The company has a dedicated team of researchers who have been working with it since it was introduced.

The BioFabriers have already seen the potential of this technology and plan to expand it, said Mark Waddell, head of product development.

BioFabrics says it is using its scanning technology to detect changes in brain pressure and temperature as well as other characteristics that indicate brain activity.”

We’re looking for the right technology and it’s only when we get to that point that we can see it as a true game changer for research.

BioFabrics says it is using its scanning technology to detect changes in brain pressure and temperature as well as other characteristics that indicate brain activity.

Waddell said it is still not clear what the scan will reveal, but that it is the first time a brain-scanned material has been found to detect the electrical activity of the brain and therefore potentially predict the future.

The firm’s chief technology officer, Daniel O’Connell, said the technology was based on the principles of quantum computing, which is used to make superfast computers.

In quantum computing the computer is built up from an infinite number of states.

It can be thought of as a digital supercomputer that runs on a large number of qubits.

O’Connell said BioFabrys technology could be used to “get a brain scan on the spot”.”

The Brain Chambers PolySack was the first bio-fibre-based brain scanner to be approved by the Patent Office.”

This is the future.”

The Brain Chambers PolySack was the first bio-fibre-based brain scanner to be approved by the Patent Office.

In the US, researchers are using BioFabrieks technology to make new types of brain-computer interfaces for the blind and people with severe learning disabilities.

BioFabriks uses a mesh-like system to capture and analyse the brain electrical activity and to transmit it to a device that is connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The US Department of Defense has developed its own version of the BioFibre Brain Shield, which was designed to monitor the electrical responses of the electrical systems of the head and neck.

The Pentagon also recently acquired BioFabrik, which manufactures the BioMesh Brain Shield and has also created a version for the UK.

BioFibres BioFiber has been designed to capture the brain’s electrical activity from sensors on the scalp and deliver it to the device for analysis.

The device, which uses sensors and electrodes, is a thin layer of polyester that absorbs the brain activity of a subject.

The bio-films also capture and analyze electrical signals from the blood vessels that supply the brain.

BioFibrs BioFibo, which BioFabries sells in Japan, uses electrodes and an electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor to detect brain activity as the user moves the device.

The BiFibris BioFibe BioFIB is the world’s first BioFirm BioFicry device.

It is a bi-fiber, polyester device that combines biodegradable polymers with a bio-polarizing electrode to capture brain electrical signals.

The system was developed by a Japanese firm called BioFibi in partnership with the University at Buffalo.

It uses the electrodes to measure the electrical and electrical-activity changes of the scalp in real time.

It also measures

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