By R.V. SinghThe bio-fabric company Bio Fabric (BI) has developed the world´s first 3-D printed, fully body-fitted suit, the company said.

The Bio Fabric 3D Printed Suit is a fully body fitting 3D printable suit that can be worn by all age groups and all body types, Bio Fabric CEO R. V. Singh said in a statement.

“Our suit is made with a combination of 3D printing technology and organic materials that allows us to create a lightweight and breathable 3D-printed suit for our customers to wear while exercising and in various sports activities.

We are thrilled to have the first 3 D printed suit made by a bio-based manufacturing company,” Singh said.

Bio Fabric has worked with companies such as Nike, Adidas and other companies to create 3D printers for the bio-manufacturing of athletic equipment, apparel and other materials.

The company is now working with the Indian government to design the suit for its customers.

Biomimetics has also launched a biometric fitness device called Biometric Fit, which is a device that can track your body temperature using electroencephalography.

It uses a wearable camera to record the temperature of the user.

The suit has been designed to be worn while exercising to ensure it conforms to the wearer´s body shape, Singh said.

“The bio fabric 3D suit is designed to suit all body shapes and sizes, which has led us to design it with the help of Bio Fabric experts.

Bio Fabric is working on the technology and design of the suit as well as manufacturing it at a large scale,” Singh added.

The bio plastic 3D Printing company said the suit has a “thinness of 100%”, which is the world record for the world.

The company, which manufactures BioFabric body suits, said the 3D Printable suit can be used to provide the body shape of a woman, a man, a child or anyone else, the bio product company said in its statement.

The technology, which can be applied to all body forms, can be easily used to make the bio fabric suit, it added.

BioFabric is also working on 3D printer technology to make bio-plastic body suits.

BioFabrics’ technology is capable of printing and then bonding the 3Ds materials together in a “micro-structure” and thus, allowing the bio plastic to be used in various other ways, the Bio Fabric statement added.

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