ABI Research and Technology Inc. has raised $9 billion in a funding round led by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The company has also partnered with Amazon and GE to create a biofabric-based manufacturing facility, said CEO Jeff Johnson.

The facility will create over 1,200 jobs, which will help expand the BioFabric line.

BioFabric will also partner with other leading bio-based technology companies, including GE, and offer new products to its customers, Johnson said.

The company will also leverage its expertise in materials science and manufacturing to help build a network of suppliers.

Bio Fabric is also the first bio-fabric producer to receive a Federal Manufacturing Credit Corporation grant, the DOE announced Tuesday.

The grant was awarded to the company on March 31, 2018.

The $9-billion biofabri­tion facility is located in the town of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

It will be capable of producing 2.8 million lbs of biofuels per year, according to the announcement.

The biofabrics factory will be built on the site of a former pulp mill.

Johnson said that it will be able to produce about 20% of the biomass needed for biofuel production in the United States.

Johnson said that the plant will have a carbon capture and storage system, which could save the environment.

The plant will also produce biofuel that can be used in biofuel conversion equipment, Johnson added.

Biofabric’s biofuen­tial process is similar to the technology used in ethanol, according Johnson.

However, biofuentis­tic systems that are manufactured in the U

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