Bio-fabrics are a very new technology that can help companies increase their productivity, reduce their carbon footprints and save money.

But bio-manufacturers are finding it hard to attract a broader audience and, in some cases, they are facing the same issues that they have faced in the past. 

Indian textile manufacturer Bio Fabric has been awarded a $1.1 million grant by the US Federal Government, in an effort to expand its supply chain.

The company, which has been making garments for over a decade, has received $1 million from the US Department of Commerce’s Industrial Technology Directorate, according to the government website.

Bio Fabric plans to expand production of its fabrics by 2020.

“The $1,000 grant is part of the Government’s support for bio-textiles and textile manufacturers,” the website said. 

“In partnership with Bio Fabric, the Department of Agriculture and the USDA-Agricultural Research Service, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other partners, we will explore new ways to support the sustainable development of bio-informatics and bio-technologies.” 

The NIST website did not provide details on how the grant was awarded. 

Bio Fabric has also been awarded $100,000 by the USDA’s Department of the Interior to help the company improve its operations.

The grant, which comes after Bio Fabric secured $500,000 from the United States Department of Defense, is a significant achievement in Indian textile industry’s development. 

The company has a long history of making bio-durable fabrics, but this is the first time it has been recognised for the technology. 

According to Bio Fabric founder Rajesh Pachauri, the award is not meant to be a “silver bullet” for the industry.

“It’s a recognition that the Indian textile sector has a lot of opportunities for growth and the industry has been in an ever-increasing struggle for a while. 

We have been working for a long time with a lot and a lot that’s been on the market and we’re proud of it,” he told The Hindu newspaper. 

With the help of NIST and the Department, Bio Fabric will be able to produce its own bio-printing technology.

“In a few years, we’ll be able produce our own technology,” Pachari said.

Bio Fabric was one of the first companies to offer a bio-printed fabric in 2016. 

Its bio-cotton fabric was the first to be certified as biodegradable, and the company said the certification made it more attractive to potential buyers.

The bio-tarp material is also available in different shades of blue, green and red, and is a durable and easy-to-care for fabric.

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