TechCrunch article Brain Chamber and Polysak are two companies developing smartwatches, smartwares and wearables that can track and store medical data.

They have recently been acquired by IBM for $2.5 billion.

Brain Chamber has built its reputation as a maker of smartwands, wristbands, and wristbands with a focus on healthcare, with the products designed to be worn by patients and professionals.

In a blog post announcing the deal, Brain Chamber CEO and co-founder Anil Kishore explained the company’s vision for its products.

“We want to make smartwalls as useful as wristbands and wristbandlets are today,” he wrote.

He said the company will continue to develop products for healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

The company’s focus will be on developing smartwatch and smartwatchbands with built-in smart technology, he wrote, explaining that the company is “not focused on building a fitness track.”

Brain and Poly are working to develop their smartwear technology in India.

Bridging the gap between healthcare and the rest of the market, Brain has partnered with India’s largest IT company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), to develop its wearable products.

The smartwatch, which is expected to cost $200 to $300, will be made of a polymer and be able to track medical data including blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, respiration and glucose levels.

The smartwatch will be able also store medical information and store it offline, making it easy to share the data with patients, said the blog post.

The band will be a transparent band, which will allow users to see how much oxygen is present in their blood and other metrics.

It will also be able track sleep, sleep duration, and heart rate and pulse rate, which would allow doctors to track patients’ progress over time.

The battery life of the smartwatch is also expected to be around five to seven days.

The technology will also include a camera that can measure a patient’s heart rate using sensors in the band and the smartphone app.

According to the blog, Brain hopes to be able the wearable products in three to five years, and it will be focusing on healthcare professionals first, with plans to start commercializing the product for consumers in 2020.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via Shutterstock

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