It is hard to be a smartwatch designer without some sort of smartwatch.

But what if there was a smart watch for everything?

The makers of Fabric, the world’s first and largest maker of smartwatches, are bringing it all together with a smart device that will allow you to design your own smartwatch in less than five minutes.

Fabric’s device is the “Fabric Watch,” a device that is small, light, and inexpensive.

It is a design tool that can be put on your wrist to give you instant feedback and control over the functions of your smartwatch as you type. 

With this in mind, Fabric is launching its first product today, the Fabric Watch 2.

It’s the first wearable that will work with the Pebble smartwatch and is available for preorder starting tomorrow at $299. 

The Fabric Watch is a watch that can run on your phone, a tablet, a PC, or a mobile phone. 

“We believe smartwares should be as simple and accessible as possible for everyone,” said Fabric CEO and cofounder Naveen Kumar in a statement.

“A smartwatch shouldn’t have a large price tag that’s hard to comprehend.

The Fabric Watch, which has been developed in partnership with Pebble, offers a complete experience that you can tap into to personalize your smartware and create an awesome experience for your friends.”

The fabric watch’s two different models are based on the same fabric that is used to make smartwalls. 

A standard smartwatch can be made from an industrial fabric, a plastic fabric, or even just regular fabric.

The fabric watch comes in various colors and is designed to be worn on the wrist or worn on a ring. 

It will also have a battery and can be used for charging or to charge your smart phone.

The wearable will be compatible with the Apple Watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear, and Pebble smartwands. 

You will also be able to use the device to make calls and receive text messages, but the Fabric watch can only do that via Bluetooth, which means that you will not be able use your phone to connect with the device.

The device is also made of fabric. 

Fabric also has plans to bring its fabric watch to the Amazon Echo, an Amazon Echo smart home product that will use fabric to create a home-ready smart home that can control a smart home device. 

When it comes to its product, Kumar said that he thinks that smartwearing is going to become a major industry. 

In the next few years, we will see wearable technologies become as ubiquitous as smartphones and wearables, Kumar told Mashable. 

As wearable technology matures, more manufacturers will start making products for wearables.

Fabric hopes that its product will be the first of these and other companies will follow suit. 

One of the big selling points for the Fabric product is its price.

It will cost $299, or $400 if you preorder it.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty. 

To get the fabric watch up and running, the company is selling preorders at its online store and in stores. 

For the time being, the only preorder items that are being sold are the $50 “Fabrics Watch 2” and the $60 “Fabics Watch.” 

While the Fabric Wear is currently available in the US, Kumar is working with some international retailers to offer the fabric wristband at a discount. 

This is in addition to the company’s current $99 Kickstarter project. 

Stay tuned for more on the Fabric device as we learn more about it.

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