Israel has said it will talk about brainwashing and mind control at a major UN conference next week.

The country will be using its upcoming UN Security Council session to discuss how to combat the spread of the virus in Africa and the Middle East, with Israel expected to make a reference to a report on brainwashing by the UN Scientific Committee on the Causes and Prevention of Genocide (SCCOG) and how the agency is trying to control information.

“We are going to use this session to talk to the UN about how we can prevent brainwashing, how we should control the flow of information, how to control the dissemination of information,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Monday.

“We are not talking about brain-washing, we are talking about the spreading of this virus in the world.”

She added: “We will talk to you about how you should be monitoring the flow and the information.”

Livni said Israel has been working with UNICEF and other organizations to try to identify the causes of the pandemic and what it could do to prevent the spread.

She added that the UNSC was working to establish a UN-based agency to “monitor the spread and control of this disease in order to bring it under control.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said the report, published by the SCCOG, would be presented to the Security Council next week and that it is being discussed at the meeting in Geneva.

Israel has been dealing with the spread, which has killed at least 8,000 people in the West African country and infected at least 9,000 others, mostly children.

The UN has been unable to stem the outbreak and has been forced to send thousands of people back to their homes.

The government has said the virus is not contagious.

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