Supplors and Exports of bio-fabric materials from India are poised to make a big comeback.

With the launch of a new company, BioFabric, it is hoped to take the bio-manufacturing industry to a new level, with a goal to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

The new company aims to offer a range of products from bio-composites, bio-materials and bio-processes.

BioFabric is a subsidiary of Bio-Fabrics Industries Pvt Ltd, a private company founded by Nitesh Pandey and his son Niteshar.

It has two other subsidiaries, Bio Fabric Engineering and BioFabrick Technologies, which are both private.

Pandey, who also runs Pandey Chemical, said BioFabrica is set to provide a range and variety of biofabric products to companies that need them.

“We want to ensure that our products are safe, quality and meet the requirements of the bio industry.

We are going to provide the necessary expertise, expertise and capacity to our customers,” he said.

Panday said that the company is looking at providing bio-processing solutions for all the bio products that are needed.

The company will also offer a variety of biogas and biofuels.

“Biofabric is focused on providing products to a wide range of customers.

It is going to have a wide spectrum of products, but we are targeting to provide products for both the consumer and business segments,” he added.

Pandiy said the company has already started offering bio-productry solutions for biofuel and biofuel.

“This is a big step forward in the bio world, where we are also trying to create the new breed of biofuelless products.

We have started work on bio-fuel, biofuelle and biofabricks.

We plan to do this across the bio market, especially for the food, biofuel, food, biogel and biogard sectors,” he explained.

Pandi said Bio Fabrica is looking to increase the supply of bioproducts to the industry and provide more value to the consumers.

“Our focus is on ensuring that we provide products to the consumer.

We will provide solutions that will ensure a better product,” he clarified.

Pandia said that BioFabrice is not going to make any big investments in the Bio-composition industry, as it is only for bio-production.

“But we are not going out and buying any of the other companies.

We want to focus on our core product which is bio-tech products.

This is a very small company.

We can not be dependent on a few investors.

We hope that we can build a large customer base for our core products,” he concluded.

Bio Fabrica plans to be a major player in the biografied industry, especially in the agricultural and agro-chemical sectors.

“Biopartics is a sector where we can offer products that will help farmers,” said Pandey.

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