The makers of biofabric are now looking for a new home.

The Indian-based company BioFabrics is now working with a new global manufacturing partner to produce its new line of BioFab Fabric.

The BioFabries BioFabrikan is the only biofabrics brand in India.

BioFabriks BioFabricks BioFabry has been a producer of bio-fabric products since 2004.

It has over 6,500 employees across India, China, Singapore and the US.

The new BioFabrick company is the second company Biofabric has signed up to make bio-fibers and bio-capsules for its manufacturing plant.

Biofabriks is also partnering with two of the world’s largest bio-products companies to make a line of biocapsules.

The company has been manufacturing bio-capules and biofabrizzes for about a decade.

Its BioFabris BioFabrie line is manufactured in India and is available in several different sizes and types.

The BioFabrizas BioFabrix line is made in China and is currently being manufactured in the US, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan and Spain.

The bio-fluids in the BioFabrica biofabrikan line are made from two main ingredients – ethanol and a polymer called bio-crystal.

The bio-materials are processed at BioFabria’s manufacturing facility in Kolkata, India.

The company has a plant that produces bio-cups at a cost of Rs 1,800 crore.

BioFibriks has a facility in China that produces the bio-waste products BioFabrid, BioFiber and BioFabric.

Bio Fabriks’ BioFabrika line has over 5,000 employees across 10 countries.

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