An Indian biofabric manufacturer says it is concerned about a growing number of biofabrics.

The company Bio FabricSupplier India said that the use of synthetic biology has a huge potential to damage the environment and the health of people.

“It has already started to be used for bio-rejuvenation and it is now also being used for the production of artificial food,” said Dr. Manjari Kumar, the head of BioFabricSupplier.

“The impact of this will be devastating and we need to make sure that we can stop it.

It is our obligation to protect the environment, to provide jobs and we have to do it in a safe manner,” said Kumar.

BioFabricsIndia says that there are over 200 companies that manufacture bio-fabric products in India and over 200 million people are using biofabriks products annually.

It said that there has been a trend of the introduction of synthetic biotechnology into biofabrikings products, especially in bio-based products.

“We have seen a trend to produce bio-like products.

So, we have already seen a rise in the number of synthetic bio- products and we are concerned about the development of this technology,” Kumar said.

BiofabricSupplicantIndia has taken the issue of synthetic bios and has asked the government to take appropriate action.

Kumar said that BioFabriks India has already submitted a formal complaint with the ministry of science and technology and is currently preparing a report on the issue.

The concern over the use and proliferation of synthetic biological products in the country was first highlighted by an article in The Hindu in April this year.

The article said that synthetic biology was the use or development of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to produce food and biofuels in a way that was environmentally friendly.

The story said that biofabrks use of the technology was already prevalent in the biotechnology industry.

Bio-fabrikes, a company which produces bio-textiles, is one of the companies to which BioFabry has registered its products.

The Indian company also has products made from polysacks.

The articles said that a growing proportion of bio-fibre products in various countries are now being made from synthetic biology materials.

“This has been happening since the last 10 years and it was just recently that synthetic biotechnologies started to make their way into our products,” said Manoj Kumar, BioFabrikingsIndia president.

“There is a huge amount of hype about bio-materials being used in biofabry, especially synthetic biopolymers.

They are supposed to be the best bio-bio-material,” Kumar added.

The bio-composite materials are supposed not only to be biodegradable but also biodeependable and can be recycled without harming the environment.

Kumar further said that as a country with a rapidly developing bio-technology industry, India is very concerned about synthetic biologicals use in our country.

“In India, we are facing a shortage of materials and it could become a huge problem if synthetic bioproducts are allowed to enter our country,” Kumar warned.

“Even if it is used in bioprocessing or bio-production, the end product should be made from renewable materials.

We need to stop this,” he said.

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