Scientists in India are using the latest advances in bio-reactive polymers to create a new kind of brain-sized fabric, which could allow scientists to attach electrodes to the skin.

They hope the new material will make it possible to use brain electrodes as a form of electrical stimulation, even in a patient who is not suffering from dementia.

“We have found a material that is bio-active and can act as an electrode,” said Dr. Anil Chokshi, head of the Biofabric Fabrication Research Laboratory at the National Institute of Science in New Delhi.

“We have created a material which can act like a bio electrode in a bio fabric and in a brain tissue.”

Dr. Chokhi said the new bio-material can be used to make various electrodes that can be attached to the body and use them as a type of stimulation.

In fact, bio-fibers could be used for a variety of applications including for monitoring blood flow, stimulating the brain, monitoring glucose levels in the brain and even in patients with brain cancer.

“It is very interesting to see that bio-fluid is able to be used in such a manner.

For example, biofibres could be a solution for treating brain cancer,” said Gopinath Kondal, a researcher at the Department of Neuroengineering at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India.

“The bio-fuels are now being used in many other industries such as petrochemicals and plastics.”

“There are many bio-products that are now available, which are bio-filters, bioresins, biofuel, bioenergy, biomaterials, bioelectronics, biowaste and biofuel cells.

There is a demand for these materials.

It is time to start manufacturing bio-fuel cells,” said Chokosi.

The researchers first designed the material by mixing the polymers with carbon nanotubes, which make them very flexible.

The researchers then poured the polymeric material in a chamber in which electrodes could be attached and connected.

The electrodes then became attached to blood vessels and to the scalp of the patients.

The scientists then applied pressure to the electrodes to change the shape of the bio-feeling and stimulation that the electrodes felt on the patients’ skin.

Then, the biofiber was wrapped around the electrodes, and it was tested on the scalp and body to see if the biofeedback affected blood flow and glucose levels.

Dr. Aniruddh Gopinsath, who heads the BioFabric Fabrications Research Laboratory, said that he believes the biofabric material is the result of combining the bioengineered biomaterial with bioengineering techniques.

“This material is being made by combining biological material with biological processes,” he said.

“The bioengineers of India have created such a material in this new technology.

It was not easy to come up with the new technology,” said Mr. Choko, adding that the team is working on ways to integrate biofabrics into existing products.”

There is a need for biofabries in all fields of healthcare, education, industry, health care and the like,” he added.”

Biobotically engineered materials can be made in a very short time, as it is now.

But, the process can be accelerated if we can combine bioengineering techniques with biofabrizing techniques,” he noted.

Dr Chokahi added that biofabres could also be used as a treatment for cancer.

He said, “It could be made with bioengineer-made biomaterial and then bioengineed material can be inserted into cancer patients.

Biofabrics can be very useful in treating diseases of the body.”

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