NEW YORK — New England Patriots players and coaches were in New York for the team’s annual medical and rehabilitation meeting Monday.

They also held an informational session in Manhattan to share some of the teams innovations and lessons learned from past seasons.

The Patriots, who played in the NFL from 1982 to 2008, have not played a game since the AFC Championship Game in February 2018.

They will host the Miami Dolphins in a playoff rematch Monday night in a game that could decide the division.

The Patriots had a bye this year.

The players are encouraged to take part in more than one session, including the teamwide medical and health meetings, which the team will hold throughout the year.

Players and coaches will be able to share their experiences and thoughts with each other during the session, the team said.

The meetings will be streamed online through the team website.

A bio fabric can be made of proteins or fibers of any type.

The material can be applied to the surface of a person or a part of a body, and the person can then use it to improve health.

Players, coaches and staff members were allowed to bring in a bio fabric for their team during the meeting.

The materials, which can be purchased online, can be used to make products like t-shirts, scarves and hats.

The team uses bio-fabric to help players and their families cope with the effects of the brain injury that sidelined many players this season.

The medical staff also had a chance to meet with the head athletic trainer for the NFL Players Association.

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