Bio-fabrics are made with cellulose and other fibres.

They’re made to resist heat and moisture, and to stay warm and dry.

The only thing that separates them from other fabric is their strength, and that’s where the problem lies.

A lot of bio-absorbent fabric comes from a single factory in South Africa, where the cotton is grown in a manner that makes it impossible to rip it apart and re-use it.

The company that supplies the fabric to the Indian market is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bioabsorbents.

India is one country where bio-abrasion has gone mainstream and is a big part of its economy.

Bio-absorption has been an industry-wide phenomenon, but it has come under fire for its environmental impact and its potential to create a whole new category of clothing.

Bioabsorbency is a term coined by British scientist Richard Haldane in the early 1990s, describing the process of absorbing chemicals from the environment by making them in a laboratory.

He defined it as a process of “using the materials that exist to do something useful with them, for example to produce new materials or to make things more robust”.

Bioabsorbing is often used in bio-waste disposal.

While bioabsorbed plastics are recycled, the waste of a Bio-Fabric manufacturer can contain harmful chemicals.

The term has become an industry buzzword in recent years.

The Indian bio-absorber companies, which range from small companies to big multinationals, are looking to the bio-reactive materials to boost their bottom lines.

There is a market in India, however, for more than just bio-fibres, with some products being manufactured using plastics that contain metals, iron and other metals that are not considered bio-friendly.

A report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is part of the US government, found that bio-acoustic materials were used in nearly 40% of the devices sold in India last year, compared to around 30% of devices sold globally.

The Bio-abscorbency Market in India According to the company, Bio-Absorbency products are sold at a range of price points and from all sectors of the Indian economy, including the government sector, the retail sector and the private sector.

The range of Bio-Acoustic products range from $15 to $200.

Bio Absorbency India’s founder and president, Anil Jain, told ET the company is not against bio-technology, but is opposed to its commercialization.

The bio-active ingredients are being used in consumer products, Jain said.

The product does not have any impact on the environment.

It is not the same as bio-cotton.

Bio absorbers are manufactured in small scale factories in South Korea and the US, but Jain claims that the company has the largest capacity in India.

Biofabrics in India Jain has been in the bioabsoluble fabric industry for 25 years.

He started Biofabric Industries in 2010, and his company is one among the largest producers in India with about 100 plants.

Jain and his team have invested a lot of money in the process.

They have developed a whole line of products for bioabsori, including products that are made from natural cotton fibers.

They also manufacture products for the biofabric industry in India and around the world.

BioFabric Industries’ products include fabrics, shirts, jackets, and jackets with fabric.

Bio Fabric India’s first products are produced in India under licence from BioFabri, a joint venture between BioFab and the BioFabrics Association of India.

The second generation of BioFabry products have been approved by the Indian government for commercialization in India since 2015.

BioFabric Technologies Limited, which was started by Jain in 2012, has grown to be the largest Biofabri subsidiary in India as of September 2018.

It has factories in three cities, in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Gurgaon.

The products range in price from $2,000 to $5,000.

The brand sells its products to Indian consumers through multiple channels including online, retail, and direct to consumers.

The first product that came to market, the BioFabsorb™ T-shirt, was released in 2017.

It’s made from the same cotton as the Bio FabsorbTM shirts.

The T-shirts have a soft cotton fabric and a mesh collar.

It comes in various sizes and colors, and is available in five different colors.

Bio Fabric sells the products in India through its online store.

Jaina’s products also come in various colors, from bright green to dark green, and also in different sizes.

The firm is targeting India’s urban consumers with its products.

The India market is expected to be worth about $60 billion by 2025, Jaina said.

Bio Flexi India, a company which was founded by

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